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You Don’t Need to be on Social Media 24/7 to Run a Successful Business

business blog May 04, 2020

Don’t believe what they say. You don’t need to be on social media 24/7 to run a successful business.

There I said it.

The apps, the experts, the “THEY”. They want you to believe you need to be everywhere all the time.

That you need to be “open” everyday.

That you can’t take a break from social media or your followers will drop, your engagement will plummet, you sales will take a nose dive.

Well, I’m pretty sure you didn’t jump into the entrepreneurship game to have to follow the rules or play by anyone else’s for that matter.

Recently I took a few weeks off to be with my family and heal some stuff.

And guess what.

During that time, I still booked 2 new 1:1 clients. (I only take on two per month so I basically booked out a whole month..!)

And my engagement came right back when I jumped back on social.

You get to take time off when you need it.

You get to make your own rules.

You get to run this thing however YOU want to.



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