Video Strategy Sessions: 

  Stop Spinning Your Wheels & Create Video Content Your Audience Actually Wants

You understand how important creating video content is for your business.

You even have a ton of ideas of what you could film.

But you're struggling to figure out what type of video content you should be creating and how to create it.

Imagine knowing that the time you're spending creating video content is a solid investment in your  business.

If you've been stressing cause: 


  • You feel like¬†creating video content is a total time suck¬†¬†
  • You get anxiety over the thought of having to create content for alllll¬†the different apps.

  • You're¬†not sure which types of videos your audience wants from you.

I got you.


You don't have to figure this out on your own. 

I’ll help you figure out what type of video content AND which social media platforms will connect best with your audience.

You’ll learn how to comfortably show up on camera even when you're nervous AF.

We'll work together to create your messaging while making sure we stay true to who you are. 

Pinky swear - I won't make you dance on camera. ūüėÖ

And best part... you'll feel confident that the time you're investing in creating video content is actually worth it cause we won't just be creating videos to create videos, nope.

When we're done, you'll have an actual strategy.  I'm talking the types of videos you're going to create to connect with your audience, build your authority and grow your business.

Here's How it Works:


Before our video strategy session, you’ll answer some questions to help me better understand what exactly you’re struggling with. You'll also send me some links to videos that you've created and ones that you get inspiration from. As much as you can send me ahead of time will help us use the time on the call more efficiently.

Video Strategy Session:

A 90-minute zoom sesh where we’ll address your video struggles that you sent over in your pre-production email. I'll answer any filming, tech or app related questions.

Then we'll get into creating your personalized video strategy.

We'll cover:

+ the topics, structure and layout of your next 10 videos 

+ what specifically to say on camera & how to say it

+ how to incorporate creating video content into day without feeling like a full time content creator


Personalized Guide:

One week after our video strategy session you'll receive a personalized PDF guiding you through everything we covered during our session.

Investment: $250

Ready to Getting Serious About Your Video Content?

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Step 2 - Keep an eye out in your inbox for your Q&A email. Complete and send it back at least 48 hrs before our scheduled session.

Step 3 - Get ready for our 90-minute Video Strategy Session! Feel free to compile a list of questions about creating video content and bring them to our session.

Been ready, let's do this!