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business blog Feb 07, 2020

If it feels like everyone is trying to sell you their secret sauce on how to be successful, listen up.

I know this is hard to hear but they don’t have all the answers. Eek! I know that sucks. I know you just want someone to tell you what to do.

But if people got successful by following the exact footsteps of someone else, then everyone out there who bought the course, took the class, hired the help would be killin' it in their business and career. And we all know how that’s going, don’t we.

You have all the answers. You know what’s up. I’m not knocking education or hiring help - I’m a big believer in both. But if you’re going to go all in on something, why not make that something entirely yours and not a copy cat version of someone else.

What they never told you about being successful:

Stop paying attention to what everyone else is doing.

Don’t wait till it’s perfect to put it out there.

Find what makes you unique and double down on that.

Spend your time with people who support you.

Invest. In yourself. In your business.

Do the work.

Don’t quit.

Don't miss a beat!

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