business blog Feb 11, 2020

For this Friday Fav, I'm highlighting someone you all actually know. They're inspiring, creative and working each and every day to become better. This week I’m talking about:


The mere fact that you're signed up to get my weekly newsletters is a prime example of how you're motivated to work towards what you want in your career and personal life.

A few weeks back, I was working with a new client who's a designer and I asked what sparked her to pick up the phone and book a session.  

She mentioned she'd been reading my newsletters for months and kept meaning to book a session to help her get her butt in gear with her project but every time she was about to send me a message, she'd get the feeling that she wasn't ready. She wanted to have her design plan fleshed out better before she called me.

After talking for a few minutes, she came to realize that our call was exactly what she needed to help her get her mind clear and focus on what her exact steps were to start; something she'd been struggling with and the reason she put off calling me!

I know sometimes it may feel like you have a marathon to go to get to where you want or you don't know where to start, so why bother? Know this, every time you take action in the direction of what you're looking to accomplish, it's something. It may not feel like progress but it does add up.

Every step counts.

I see this from everyone I work with as a coach and as a producer. Nothing happens overnight even though everyone loves a good overnight success story.

They don't exist but that's ok, as long as you do something - big or small - each and every day to move towards what you're trying to create, it will happen.

Maybe not on your timeline or how you thought it might look, but you will see progress.

So thank you for inspiring me and those around you for taking action.

There are a bazillion resources out there and while we can sign up for every email list, weekly reminder or course, nothing works unless we do.


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