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business blog Feb 11, 2020

As someone who doesn’t cook but likes to garden and loves to eat, I’d been drawn to this week’s Friday Fav through her images and recipes on Instagram for some time now.

The Nomadic Wife

Part online shop where you can find delicious seasonal recipes and part small group or one-on-one coaching with founder Melanie Villeneuve, The Nomadic Wife cherishes and celebrates the journey we all take when we start to live more in the present by doing less as opposed to more.

The Nomadic Wife focuses on the idea that if you make small shifts in your life in the direction of health, love & mindfulness, they eventually build up enough momentum and become a well-rounded nourished & mindful life.

Start Small

Part of Melanie’s philosophy is that when her clients add more veggies into their diets,  the other not-so-healthy stuff starts getting pushed aside to make room for healthier options.

Before you know it, eating more veggies than junk becomes second nature.

This act of starting by making small changes can be applied to whatever you’re working on whether in your personal or professional life.

If you’re looking to create a healthier lifestyle, start a podcast, write a script - no matter what it is - starting small first, is the key to keeping momentum.

Think about it, the accumulation of each small step turns into big chunks of progress and big chunks of progress morph into actual change that you can see and measure.

Honesty Over Perfection

How The Nomadic Wife came to be is one of my most favorite and honest Friday Favs stories yet.

A self-proclaimed Type A, Melanie was living the fast life always trying to keep up with the Joneses until one day, it all caught up to her. Extremely malnourished, exhausted and battling a bout of depression she came to her breaking point.  

While it wasn’t easy and took every ounce of determination she had, she was able to pull herself up and out of the life she was living that was no longer serving her and create one that was.

Just by the mere fact that Melanie has been vulnerable to share this with her audience is a testament to how incredibly important the mission behind The Nomadic Wife is to her, but also how it is possible to move past living a life that just isn’t working and into one that does.

As creatives and entrepreneurs, it’s often appealing to come across as the “perfect example”. To just let everyone believe that our “highlight reel” is our truth but let’s be honest - nobody has their s*#t  together all the time.

When you have the courage to be vulnerable and put your story - your truth - out there for the world to see, I guarantee you will attract more people to your brand, to your business - even just as friends! - than you would if you were to take the easy way out and only share the glimpses of perfection that happen only every so often in most of our lives.

And how awesome would that be, right? Living a life full of honest people, giving honest accounts of what their lives are really like?!


The Nomadic Wife


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