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How to Focus After You've Lost Your Job

business blog Apr 05, 2020

These past few weeks have been difficult especially if you're someone who's recently been laid off or furloughed and has no idea when or even if you're going back to work.

It's always this catch-22, right? You have the time now to do all the things you wanted to do when you were so busy ....

But now you also don't' feel like it or don't want to be all spendsy with your funds.

If this sounds like you, I get it. A lot of us get it.

Here's some ideas to help keep you sane over the next few weeks when you feel like the stress is really getting to you:

1 - Get Ready at the Start of Each Day 
Yes I know, one of the few bonuses to being laid off is not having to get ready every day but getting ready for the day is more about what's working subliminally. When you've showered, brushed your teeth, even put on makeup - you'll feel more like yourself again. Ya know, the working self that used to have somewhere to be everyday. 

2 - Give Yourself a 3-Goal Checklist 
Each day, set three goals for yourself. They can be as small as unloading the dishwasher to something more in-depth like rewriting your resume. Sandwich the difficult things in between things you like to do to give you something to look forward to.

3 - Get Outside
You ever been on a cross country road trip? I've done it 3x and after just a few hours of being stuck in the car I need to get out and stretch my legs. Then once I'm back in the car, I'm good to go for a while. Same thing at your house - ESPECIALLY now that your home just turned into the place where you eat, sleep, be entertained, entertain people (online, of course!), exercise.

4 - Limit Screen Time 
Jumping between your cell phone to your laptop to your tv is not only definitely going to give you a headache, but it's also a guaranteed way to make you feel like a slob kebab by 5pm. 
Try to give yourself limits when you're watching Netflix or surfing the web. Vary it up. 

5 - Create Immediate Satisfaction
When you're laid off stuck at home, it's easy to feel unproductive. Combat that feeling by tackling things that can give you a quick sense of satisfaction and being productive. Clean out the closet, reorganize your spices, shred old papers. 

6 - Mentally Escape
Give yourself a break from all the things that are going on in the world that are beyond our control. Movies, books, meditation - the list goes on and on when it comes to finding ways to check out for a bit mentally. 

7 - Take a Class
Give yourself something else to focus on by learning something new. Remember all those courses you bought but never had the time to really dig into? Or what about learning a new skill that you could put on your resume? There are a TON of online classes right now ranging from free (Youtube, from the library) to paid versions like 

8 - Connect 
No joke, I've been more social these past few weeks while being stuck at home than I had in the past 6 months. Just because we can't meetup in person doesn't mean you can't still connect with your friends in family. Here's a crazy idea, pick up the phone and make a phone call! ;p Or use Zoom for a remote happy hour. Or just send a text to check in. It's never been easier to stay connected even if it feels hard right now. 

9 - Limit the News / Social Media 
Watching the news all day while you're scrolling on social is a recipe for breakdown. Even if you're someone who's usually pretty optimistic. Give yourself limits to how long you keep the news on or how much time you spend on social. 

10 - Plan for the Future
I know this one might be hard right now but let chat for a second. You've probably never had this much uncertainty and downtime in your life before. And while there are some things we can control and do to better our chances at bouncing back from this, we also want to acknowledge that this can be an opportunity for you. 

It can be a chance for you to reflect both on what you loved and what you wished was different in your life before the world halted to a stop. 

What is it that you would love to see differently in your life after we all move past this? 

Maybe the "old you" worked a TON and you never even had time to do half the things on this list. So moving forward you, might want more freedom in your work and how you spend your personal time. 

Maybe you're really feeling the financial burn right now and you know there's no way in hell you ever want to feel this way again. 
Moving forward you want to take a hard look at your financials. What can you do to increase your earnings and reduce your spending? (hint-is #7 something that might help?)

My hope for you and for all of us is that as hard as this all is, that we emerge from this better. Better partners, better parents, better friends.

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