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Celebrate Small Wins

business blog Apr 23, 2020

I used to spend a lot it of time thinking about all the stuff I didn’t have.

The accomplishments I hadn’t created yet.

The goals I hadn’t hit.

And even when I did do something rad, I rarely celebrated it cause it never felt like it was enough.

Somewhere in my mind I think that by not celebrating or acknowledging what I worked so hard to achieve, it was motivating me to work harder, to do more.

But the opposite happened.

I became less motivated.

I spent the weekend cleaning out my office and came across some paperwork from when I was on the Forbes Coaches Council.

You guys, I was on the FORBES COACHES COUNCIL!

But instead of celebrating it. I buried my head and just work, work, worked.

I didn’t talk about it, I didn’t share it, I didn’t celebrate it. For some reason I thought that would motivate me but instead, it drained me.

No more!

Instead, let’s share our accomplishments (big and small!) in hopes of both motivating each other but more importantly ourselves.

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