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How to Repurpose Your Content

business blog Apr 05, 2020

If you’re only sharing your content once and one platform, let’s talk.

But first, can I tell you how excited I was about when DVD extras first came out …I was OBSESSED! I wanted to see the director’s cut, all the behind the scenes, the footage that got cut for time, interviews with the cast. ALL OF IT.
That’s how I want your audience to think when it comes to your content. They want all of it.

There’s no reason you should be “one and done” posting your content. (meaning spending a ton of time creating valuable content to serve your audience and only posting to one social media platform…or even worse…sharing it just once!) Have no idea what I’m talking about, let me explain.

You’ve got your main message, right? Whatever it is that you’re sharing with your peeps.

STEP ONE: It’s gotta be valuable otherwise scroll on by. No point in reading the rest of this post…
Still here, ok awesome. Let’s dig in.

STEP TWO: Pick your anchor platform.
For me, it’s my newsletter subscribers. Those rad people gave me the ultimate compliment by trusting me with direct access to them anytime I have something valuable to share.

STEP THREE: Create sub-content that supports the main message.
Whatever you’re sharing or teaching, create other valuable pieces of information can you share with your audience on the other platforms that you’re active on. (side note -you don’t need to be active on ALL the platforms, just the ones you choose to be.)

Here’s how I do it:

My main content starts in my email newsletter.
Then I create offshoots and turn them into live video on Instagram and in my private FB group ~ always adding extra value whenever I post.

There is no reason you should be “one and done” posting your content and I don’t want you to be creating MORE content.
Just create better content that you break up and share different elements of on whichever platforms you choose.
Make sense?

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