Imagine if you could finally focus & follow through on your biz goals 

No more beating yourself up over missed deadlines. No more anxiety about how you're gonna get it all done as a business owner.

Sound familiar?

You’re nervous to fully commit to your goals and put yourself out there because what if things fall apart, you fail and end up looking stupid.

Hit home?

Meanwhile you're watching everyone else online make it look so easy and FOMOs setting in hardcore.

This you?’s not like you don't know the drill. You set a goal, make a plan and stick to it. Problem is, you never seem to be able to stick with it.

Focus + Follow Through is an intensive 6-week coaching program personalized to your specific goals.

For one hour each week, we focus entirely on getting you the results you want.

While working together, I'll help you:

  • Sort through everything on your plate and decide what makes sense for you to focus on first.
  •  Learn how to stop jamming your schedule with unnecessary to-do’s 
  • Handle FOMO when new opportunities pop up that don’t align with your bigger-picture goals.

Here's how we do it:

Before we start, we jump on an intro call where you tell me all the things you're struggling with in your business.

You fill out a Q&A and then I get to work creating a plan of what we'll focus on each week, send it over & you make any changes you want. 

Once our plan is set, you make your first payment and book your first session.

Here's the details:

Each week, for six weeks, we meet for an hour over zoom. We follow our pre-determined plan. In between sessions, you have unlimited access to me via email. Send me copy you want me to review, ideas you want feedback on, etc. 

Investment is $2,000. 50% due to book first session, remainder due before 5th session.

Ready to really start focusing and following through on your biz goals?

Let's chat.

Curious what a weekly plan would like like? 

Here's a Focus + Follow Through plan for a past client. Names and specific details have been changed for privacy.

Focus + Follow Through 6 Week Plan